Create an ATS-Friendly Resume

Ensure your resume passes the ATS resume checker with Supamatch. Our tool optimizes your document to be ATS-friendly, ensuring seamless compatibility with tracking systems.

Interface of Supamatch ATS Checker tool, demonstrating how it evaluates and optimizes resumes for ATS compatibility.

Scan your Resume in 3 Steps

Step 1: Import your resume as PDF or Docx, or paste text directly into the platform - optional but recommended for ease.

Provide Information about your Profile

Optional but recommended. You can import your resume as PDF or Docx, or simply paste it.

Step 2: Paste th job description so we can scan for missing keywords and skills from your resume.

Provide the job posting to scan for ATS keywords

Simply paste a job description. Our algorithm will scan it for ATS keywords and required qualifications.

Step 3: Screenshot of our ATS Checker highlighting missing industry-keywords, hard and soft skills.

Scan your Resume for the Job Posting

Our ATS algorithm will detect missing skills and keywords from your resume. Also it will highlight grammatical errors.

Watch our ATS Checker in action

GIF video displaying the Supamatch ATS Checker in action, highlighting how it enhances resumes for ATS resume template compatibility and better job search outcomes.

Benefits of our ATS Checker

  • Identifies missing key industry keywords

  • Optimizes for applicant tracking system compatibility

  • Enhances resume visibility to recruiters

  • Quick feedback for immediate improvements

  • User-friendly, requires no technical skills

Read what people say about our ATS Checker

Lucile L.


It's very easy to use, intuitive and a great help. The application evaluates our CV, advises us on how to improve it, it's really great and the price seems very attractive to me for the work that it represents! A real time saver

30 March - 2024

Elisabeth L.


The app is very easy to use So useful to have a tool helping me to build my resume and my cover letter I feel more comfortable when I apply for a job because I know that supamatch double check for me the pros and cons of my resume so I had the opportunity to improve before sending

30 March - 2024

Michael K.


I like everything that Career Supamatch provided, starting from UI, idea implementation, free trial, and customer support. Our company works with offering candidates CVs to potential clients and the service helped us a lot to improve conversion rate and increase the profit. Highly recommend!

29 March - 2024

Fernando C.


Supamatch revolutionizes the job search industry by assisting with resume formatting, thereby enhancing your chances of landing your dream job. Highly recommended for all job seekers seeking to ensure their resumes are ATS compliant.

30 March - 2024

Ivan V.


Using the Career Supamatch app is like having a professional career coach, ensuring that my job applications are tailored to perfection. My Chances of landing my dream job have significantly improved!

28 March - 2024


Using an ATS resume checker is crucial because many employers use ATS to screen resumes. If your resume is not optimized for ATS, it may not be seen by hiring managers, reducing your chances of being shortlisted for an interview.

Supamatch enhances your resume by optimizing its format, structure, and content for better compatibility with Applicant Tracking Systems. The tool suggests improvements in layout, usage of keywords, and other factors that ATS typically look for, ensuring that your resume is ready for successful tracking and review.

An ATS-friendly resume is structured and formatted to be easily read by Applicant Tracking Systems, ensuring key information is captured and your resume ranks well.

An ATS-friendly resume is crucial for passing through automated screening processes used by many employers, increasing your visibility and chances for an interview.

Creating an ATS-friendly resume involves using a clear layout, standard headings, relevant keywords, and avoiding complex formatting that might confuse the ATS.

Features like simple formatting, relevant keywords tailored to the job description, and clear section headings contribute to making a resume ATS-friendly.

Yes, an ATS-friendly resume increases the likelihood of your resume being seen by hiring managers, thereby improving your chances of securing an interview.

Absolutely, you can upload your existing resume to our ATS resume checker for analysis and optimization recommendations, making it more ATS-friendly.

While beneficial across all sectors, ATS-friendly resumes are particularly crucial in industries with high volumes of applicants, such as tech, healthcare, and finance.

Definitely, customizing your ATS-friendly resume for each application by aligning it with the job description can further enhance your application's effectiveness.

Yes, we offer a trial period for you to experience the benefits of our ATS-friendly resume builder and see firsthand how it can improve your job search success.