Cover Letter Generator with AI

Craft the perfect introduction to your job application with our AI Cover Letter Generator. Seamlessly generate compelling cover letters that instantly grab the employer's focus with our innovative tool powered by artificial intelligence.

Screenshot of the Cover Letter Builder interface, showcasing user-friendly design and template selection for crafting professional cover letters.

Build your Cover Letter in 3 Steps

Step 1:

Choose one of our Cover Letter Templates

Our builder tailors your cover letter to a basic or advanced template, ready for easy download.

Step 2:

Provide Information about your Profile

Optional but recommended. You can import your resume as PDF or Docx, or simply paste it.

Step 3:

Smart Edit with our AI Cover Letter Writer

Smart Edit with our AI Cover Letter Writer, ensuring it's polished and professional. Download your optimized letter instantly.

Watch our AI Cover letter Builder in action

This GIF video illustrates the step-by-step process of composing a professional cover letter using our builder, guiding you through each stage for an impactful application.

Benefits of our Cover Letter Builder

  • Customizes to each job, enhancing uniqueness

  • Variety of templates, from basic to advanced

  • Prevents and corrects errors efficiently

  • Embeds relevant industry keywords

  • Quick creation saves valuable time

Read what people say about our Cover letter Builder

Lucile L.


It's very easy to use, intuitive and a great help. The application evaluates our CV, advises us on how to improve it, it's really great and the price seems very attractive to me for the work that it represents! A real time saver

30 March - 2024

Elisabeth L.


The app is very easy to use So useful to have a tool helping me to build my resume and my cover letter I feel more comfortable when I apply for a job because I know that supamatch double check for me the pros and cons of my resume so I had the opportunity to improve before sending

30 March - 2024

Michael K.


I like everything that Career Supamatch provided, starting from UI, idea implementation, free trial, and customer support. Our company works with offering candidates CVs to potential clients and the service helped us a lot to improve conversion rate and increase the profit. Highly recommend!

29 March - 2024

Fernando C.


Supamatch revolutionizes the job search industry by assisting with resume formatting, thereby enhancing your chances of landing your dream job. Highly recommended for all job seekers seeking to ensure their resumes are ATS compliant.

30 March - 2024

Ivan V.


Using the Career Supamatch app is like having a professional career coach, ensuring that my job applications are tailored to perfection. My Chances of landing my dream job have significantly improved!

28 March - 2024


A cover letter builder is an online tool that helps you create professional cover letters quickly and easily. It's essential for making a strong first impression on employers, highlighting your qualifications and interest in a way that complements your resume.

Supamatch Carer offers both free and premium options. You can start creating your cover letter for free if you sign up for the free trial.

Yes, you can customize the AI-generated cover letter to suit your preferences and style. The tool provides you with a draft that you can edit and personalize further to ensure it reflects your unique voice and qualifications.

Yes, the tool is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. You can easily input your resume and job application information, and the Cover Letter Builder will generate a polished cover letter that meets your needs.

The cover letter builder guides you through a step-by-step process, allowing you to choose a template and customize it with your personal information, skills, and experiences, all tailored to your desired job and industry.

Yes, our cover letter builder is designed to be versatile, with a wide range of templates and customization options suitable for various industries and job positions.

Absolutely, we prioritize your privacy and security. Your personal information is protected with state-of-the-art security measures during and after the creation of your cover letter.

Definitely. Our cover letter builder allows you to fully edit and customize your cover letter, ensuring it perfectly reflects your individual style and professional qualifications.

Yes, our cover letter builder includes a variety of examples and templates. These resources are designed to inspire and guide you in creating a cover letter that effectively communicates your unique value.

Certainly, you can download your finished cover letter in PDF format, making it easy to submit with your job applications.

Yes, we provide customer support for our cover letter builder. If you have any questions or encounter any issues, our team is ready to assist you.